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We Manufacture Custom Camera widgets and Grip Equipment for the entire Film community.

We are a full service Machine shop, dedicating all of our resources to the film idustry. Don't see what you are looking for, contact us for custom 1 of a kind builds. Now offering  GoPro friendly, 5/8" fittings and 5/8" Camera rigging products & mounts.  Mini Ball Heads, 5/8" Rods, 1-1/4" Speed Rail fittings to 5/8" rods. We also carry Camera Dolly accsecories,  As in, Lock to the Dolly Receivers and Mitchell base plate products. ie: Camera Risers, Ladder Hats, Spider Plates, etc. Check out our Sliding Bungie Rig.

Rigging for Film and Television, Film camera rigging, Film and Video camera rigs, Go-Pro accessories, Matthews Studio Equipment rigging,Camera mounts, Camera rigs, Bungie Cam, 5/8” Camera fittings, 5/8” rods, 5/8” Go-Pro rigs, 5/8”Go-Pro fittings,  Modern Studio Equipment,

Grip Equipment, Camera Equipment, Grip Rigging hardware, Camera Speed rail fittings, Dolly Accessories, Camera Dolly, Camera Dolly Rigs,

Camera Dolly Rigging, Dolly Drink Holders, Rigs for roller coasters, Rigs for boats, Car Rigs, Car Camera rigs, Process trailer rigs,

Sliding cameras, Sliding Camera mounts, Film tools, Film tools for 5/8” rigging, Film Tools for rigging, Ultimate camera rigs, Speed rail fittings,

Speed Rail to 5/8” rigging, Mini rigging, Mini Camera rigs, Camera cranes, Techno Crane, Chapman Dollys, Fisher Dollys,

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