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TJ's Grip Design, Inc. is owned and operated by one of Central Florida's Premiere Key Grips, TJ  BEATTY.


Before commiting to gripology as a full time career,

TJ was a professional water skier at Cypress Gardens, in Winter Haven, Fl. and also flew Corporate Jets for 10 years while working part time as a freelance grip. Cypress Gardens is where he got a lot of his exposure to  film, video, and stills as Talent on many local and national spots. TJ has been a member of the IATSE local 477 since 1992 and is a member of the  Screen Actors Guild.


Being semi frustrated with a lack of available camera rigging products in the industry, TJ hooked up with a good buddy (a.k.a. Rocketman) who had a small machine shop, and started building his own rigging gear. As the years went by TJ acquired Milling Machines, Lathes, Welders, Bandsaws, Grinders, Sanders, and all the equipment needed to start-up a full on machine shop of his own.


Today, TJ is Universal Orlando's go to guy for all of their Roller Coaster Rigs, and specialty items for production.

TJ's Machine shop is completely dedicated to building and designing products for the motion picture industry.

Need that special one off item for your production??

You found the guy !!


Give us a call, we can build it for you !

TJ  863-206-9312




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